Friday, June 23, 2017

The Haunted House

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- George

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Haunted House

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- Beni 

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Titles Of Jesus

- Made by Opi . 

Pio's Best Writing

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Today at the count we had tennis for kiwisport with coach Campbell.
At the count coach campbell had a new machine for us to catch with one hand and two hands. It was really hard because the balls were flying at me so fast I couldn’t even see it flying at me.

Later on it was the girls turn to go onto the balls machine. I started to whine because The ball machine was cool.

The Tennis Ball Machine - Beware!

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- Von's Best Writing!

Tennis Writing to Mr. Campbell

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- Lusia

GOAL: To ensure that my writing clearly flows to guide the reader in relation to my purpose.

The Flying Ball

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GOAL: To organise my writing into paragraphs in which the ideas are clearly related and linking these paragraphs.